Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear comment spammer, THANK YOU!

No, not because I really needed a new source for underground viagra, or to 'make many moneys on the web', but for the laugh. I needed it...
I'd enabled anonymous comments on this blog, mainly because I hate having to log in elsewhere to comment, so I went all 'do unto others'. Until recently I'd not been on the receiving end of comment spam, in fact, I was unaware such a thing existed, but I guess my blog has been around just long enough to get spidered by the spambots, and my has my comment traffic gone up!
I haven't had 2 seconds to rub together, much less the 30+ minutes needed to post, but there's a difference between a lull in posting, and letting your blog totally go to seed. Not pretty wildflower seed, kudzu seed. THAT you FIND time to stop so I finally got in here today to do some clean up.
In the comment purge the vast majority were total wastes of vowels - but this gem stood out from the rest for it's sheer ee cummings artistry. I've been collecting spam emails for a while for the eloquence of their randomness. And for giggles. But this tops them all - If this isn't poetry, I don't know what is....
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present "The Ulysses of His System" - enjoy the poetic artistry:

Send where us
at ground, varies its possible "family set"?

Countrywide financial corporation, the explicit introduction import, that has used to convey agentic of
the systems of
the compulsory setup d a t a b a s e .

Many side motorcycles were an special world
information to adopt the number belts,
deformed - with the slot for both

the gun



but were a story, since
biological equipment of the references built a special stage

of the crime

and vast gauge of the projected car
(unless the grass was offset with limits from the flexibility. )

used cars
delray beach.
These remedies, and the hand model points . . . that wireless!

(when they show)
can affect concentration
and single automakers
and measure our car
and sensor of the lake.

Car upholstery
wilson, (usually played as valerie plame),
and the bush dust's barre for 2003 administration of iraq
and the iraq war.

of the trench tires
has an hybrid auto of material.

Jasper is running. . .where?
the available bleeding gums, murphy decides, nearly.

As level students pulled
the ulysses of his system,
Monoxide, they found - a applied corresponding drawback.


(All the original artists words and spelling were retained intact - spacing and some punctuation contributed by me)

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