Sunday, August 26, 2007

Preggers - It's in there!

It's official - I've got a bun in the oven. Since we're not sharing early, we're going to document this little adventure here so you can drop in anytime and not have missed a (heart)beat. The hubby and I have been 'trying' for a for, I dunno, a year-ish. If you define trying as not trying to NOT, if you know what I mean. About 6 months ago, after a panic inducing OB/GYN visit, (you know, the one that includes the 'your eggs are aging rapidly and if you aren't knocked up in the next few months we're going to ask your husband to do unmentionable things to a plastic cup and start pumping you full of litter-producing chemicals' speech) we buckled down a little more. By buckle down I mean, I started making note of lots of little numbers in a calendar - temperatures, start dates, end dates, phases of the moon. Ben Franklin had nothing on this personal almanac - I could predict *rainfall* amounts. Now we didn't DO much with them but still - impressive. Of course, after all that math, wouldn't you know it, the ONE time we went purely recreational, wham! OK maybe not the ONE time, maybe more like the 47th time - I told you we weren't hardcore about the trying thing. Regardless, it worked, and how. And here we are. The plan is to spend the next few posts getting everyone up to speed on preggers progress to date including: dipstick turns pink& the hubby is informed, the first doc visit, & staying undercover - then we'll go realtime... So, whenever you come into the story, enjoy... ;-)

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