Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Are you SERIOUS?!

Since we've created the detailed Almanac, I had a pretty good idea of the when and where's of making the mini - which also meant I had a decent idea when it was worth while to try a RUPreggers dipstick. Now, I've known enough women who were really quick out of the gate and knew within, like, hours of blastocysts forming. I decided to pace it a little, just cause you want to make sure it TOOK before you go to the trouble of peeing on your own hand. Gave it a about a week or so then finally whipped out the way-too-costly box o' tests. The adventure proceeded roughly as follows:
Testing Day 1 - I woke up having to go to the bathroom so badly there was no WAY I could get the wrapper on that thing open in enough time to avoid bladder explosion. I did try but it was NOT pretty. Scratch Day 1.
Testing Day 2 - I wisely did NOT drink a gallon of liquid before bed and successfully both unwrapped and target-widdled, with minimal hand splashing. Yay! Success! 5 minutes later, I realize that perhaps I should have had MORE water, since the test stick has decided it doesn't much feel like giving me a result - just a random error message. Boo! Failure! Oh yeah the newfangled ones with the LCD screens are SOOOOO much better. Stupid Technology.
Testing Day 3 - My impatience is starting to build 'slightly' at this point. Remember, I waited like a week before I even STARTED with the dipsticks, so at this point, I want an ANSWER already! In hindsight, the frothing irritation at the busted test stick as well as the total inability to wait more than a minute and 1/2 for ANYTHING were actually better indicators of having a bun in the oven than anything the test could tell me. But that's hindsight. So on day 3 when the pregnancy test stars an planets finally aligned, it was little shock that the dipstick said, and I quote, 'pregnant'. But I lie - it actually WAS a little shock. Even though I had a really darn good idea, what with being as regular as a metronome and having keep good enough records that I could predict hail, it was still very different to have an 'official' medical test confirm what you thought you sort of knew.
So I cried. Happy cry, and just for a minute, but actual tears of joy. Honesty forces me to admit, in part cause, yay! I'm having a baby with the man I adore! in part cause, thank God, I can actually get pregnant without having to give a medical practice $15,000 of our money. The thing about getting pregnant is there is only one way to find out if you can do it, and that's by doing it. And having never been pregnant, we just didn't know if it could even BE done. It can - and we did it - woo hoo!
Of course, I want to tell the hubby immediately. This is not possible since he's at work and I really don't want to reenact the cell phone commercial ('way to step up brad') so I bounce about the house all impatient again (shocker) for him to get home so I can share. After debating a bazillion elaborate ways to tell him, involving life size teddy bears and weather balloons, sanity (briefly) reins and I decide to go relatively prop-free and low-key, and was lying in wait when he got h0me.
We had tickets that night to see Bugs Bunny on Broadway at wolf trap, so I, all low key and all say, "hey baby, I know it's kinda last minute, but would you mind if we brought someone to the concert tonight?" My hubby, being a total sweetums responded with, "um no, I guess that would be ok..."
I said, "It's a child friendly show, right?" The Hubby is deeply puzzled...
"Well, yeah, but who do you want to bring?"
I say "Well, it not really someone YET but....", and with all appropriate drama, whip out the dipstick o' joy and say, '" thought we could could bring our new baby-to-be..."
And the look on his face was priceless...best summed up with the phrase 'shock and awe'. He grabs the test stick "Really?! Are you serious?! really?! oh baby!!!" SO happy! Hug and snuggles and general jubilation all around.
Well worth battling 3 test sticks and waiting 2 weeks for...And we still went to see Bugs Bunny too... :-)

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